Compulsory health insurance:

L’assurance maladie de base (LAMal) as it is known in French is mandatory since 1996 for all residents in Switzerland. It covers the basic medical needs in case of illness, accident or maternity.

The basic medical coverage offered by insurance companies under the above-mentioned federal law is exactly the same for each of them. But not at the same premiums!

Increase your income by paying cheaper premiums!

Supplementary health care insurance:

These supplementary health care insurances allow you to fill gaps in the basic health care insurance, according to your needs and personal wishes. The services offered and prices are different for each company, significantly complicating a comparison.

However, the basic insurance is generally not enough to adequately cover the needs of an individual's health. It is almost always necessary to add some additional services depending on the health situation or category of age of the person insured.


Our goal is to make you pay a fair price for adequate coverage.